a hidden gem in the heart of quebec, azulée is home to canada's best organic lavender. the colours, calming fields, and amazing smells make the fields at  azulée some of the best to be mssn in. 

similar to their crop, the azulée lavender hoodie is hand dyed, with extra care taken in the creation of each piece. each hoodie has its own unique dye partner, making each piece a work of art. the azulée sage hoodie is a nod to the deep green of the fresh crop, harvested at the farm.


Behind The Bench (BTB)

northern ontario's largest sports podcast, Behind the Bench BTB was founded by university students Alex Cimino, Tommy Vlahos, and Mason Savage. the podcast embodies what we're about at mssn, sharing everyone's story. the pod showcases northern ontario talent and stories never heard before.

in just under a year, the group's impact on the north is remarkable. the boys have grown to host golf matches “BTB Bench Brawls” with people all over the region raising proceeds for the Janice Foligno Foundation and The Heart’s Playbook. the boys have raised over $2000 so far.

mssn and BTB have been longtime supporters of each other, collaborating on a sweater for the people. BTB x mssn to the moon!

shop the BTB special edition hoodie.