about the Youth Services Bureau (YSB):

For more than 60 years, the Youth Services Bureau (YSB) has been serving and empowering youth in our community. YSB is Ottawa's largest youth-centered, non-profit organization, serving more than 3,000 youth and their families each month from 22 locations. As an agency, YSB provides services in English and French and works in partnership to deliver programs and services that support vulnerable youth and their families in the areas of mental health, shelters and housing, employment and youth justice.

‘I thought my anxiety was under control – but nothing could have prepared me for when the pandemic hit. All of a sudden, the whole world changed and my whole world changed. I had used YSB services before, so I booked a virtual session with a YSB mental health counsellor. She validated everything I was feeling and taught me healthy coping strategies. She helped me to realize I am strong.’ -Hailey, aged 16.

our partnership

since we launched the brand eight months, our goal has always been to improve our community. our partnership with the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa is more than just donating 5% of all sales to the group. it’ll include working with YSB’s youth cabinet to provide learning opportunities for youth, working together to promote mental health resources here in our city, and giving youth the chance to collaborate on our very own YSB x mssn collection. 100% of the proceeds of the YSB collection will go towards the YSB, helping fund programs that support vulnerable youth and their families here in ottawa. 

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